Animals for Hollywood is an internationally known and respected animal training facility that has provided a wide variety of animal actors for over 3 decades.

Our Fantastic Animal Actors

A Few of Our Credits

Meet Our Trainers

Animals For Hollywood Trainer David


As co-owner and head trainer, David’s diverse knowledge and experience gives him the skills to work with animals from mice to camels, coordinating major projects as well as unforgettable performances.

Animals For Hollywood Trainer Ursula


Ursula’s reputation as an animal coordinator, co-owner, and head trainer lands her in the center of some of the most complicated and memorable animal characters.

Animals For Hollywood Trainer Shawn


Including appearing on camera, performing difficult animal stunts, and coordinating exotic animals, Shawn’s training repertoire includes all aspects of working with animal actors.


Whether it is working cats in a downtown alley or pigeons on the rooftop, Andrea’s adaptability allows her to work with a full range of animal characters.

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