• An Interview With the Trainers: How Movie Dogs Are Made!

    From the cutest puppies, to talking dogs, to training bad behaviors, Ursula Brauner joins several other industry animal trainers to talk about the different aspects of movie training. —– I say this without animosity, but there’s just no getting around it: The dog who lives in your house is a loafer, a freeloader, and a layabout. Not that there’s anything

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  • China’s Box Office Film “Adoring” gets rave reviews

    “It’s actually kind of impressive how well director Larry Yang Zi and animal coordinator David Allsberry’s team of handlers build gags around these (animals), being extraordinary even by movie standards” read a recent review of Animals for Hollywood’s latest foreign film “Adoring”. As the film took over the Chinese box office, viewers fell in love with the variety of animals.

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  • Adoring《宠爱》: A Behind the Scenes Look

    Adoring: A Behind the Scenes Look at Training Animals in China   From dogs to kittens to pigs, China’s new film “Adoring” is bound to be a hit. Take a look behind the scenes with the director, producer, and animal coordinator to see what it was like to work with these animals in Qingdao, China.   —– Get a look

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  • New Beginnings in China’s Feature Film: Adoring

    As an international company, Animals for Hollywood is excited to continue extending our foreign projects into China. With 2019 starting off strong, working on the feature film “Adoring” proved to be both a welcome challenge and endearing project.    Produced by Xu Wei, Yang Zi’s film “Adoring” was officially launched on April 18th and was scheduled to release during this

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  • Captain Marvel Interview

    Ever wonder what goes into creating the animal actors on screen? Check out this People Magazine article on the training of Goose, the Captain Marvel Cat and Flerken. Head Trainer Ursula Brauner talks about what it was like to work the Orange Tabbies: Reggie, Rizzo, and Archie. Prepare to have a new kitty crush. Goose the cat is the secret star

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  • Little Dog: Big City! Life with a Metropolitan Pet!

    Moving to the city is a major adjustment for anyone, especially our canine friends! Try these pet training tricks from head trainer, Ursula Brauner, to ease the big city transition for your dog! Head dog trainer, Ursula Brauner, talks about some great training tips on how to have a well manner pup in the city. Some of the basics include:

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  • “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” Interview with Producer Vicki Shigekuni Wong

    “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” Interview with Producer Vicki Shigekuni Wong A beloved and heart warming story, “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” portrays the incredible love and loyalty between man and dog. Producer Vicki Shigekuni Wong delves into some of the story behind the scenes of making this touching movie.

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  • Mark With Gambian Rat Ben

    NY Times: How To Train A Rat

    NY Times: How To Train A Rat Senior animal trainer, Mark Harden, discusses with The New York Times Magazine his tips and tricks on how to tame those adorable rodents. —– “Young rats are more malleable,” says Mark Harden, a senior trainer at Animals for Hollywood. Pick up and hold your juvenile rodent frequently, so that it becomes accustomed to

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  • Tropic Thunder’s Water Buffalo

    Tropic Thunder’s Water Buffalo

    Tropic Thunder’s Water Buffalo   From small dogs to big-horned buffalo, head trainer Shawn Weber has done it all. Read more as he discusses with the Los Angeles Times what it was like to have a water buffalo on set. —— This water buffalo is ready for her close-up! In Sunday’s Calendar section, Cristy Lytal tells an entertaining tale of

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  • What It’s Like to be a Hollywood Animal Trainer

    What It’s Like to be a Hollywood Animal Trainer

    What It’s Like to be a Hollywood Animal Trainer   Ever wonder what the process is for an animal to become a movie star? Animal trainer, Andrea Ver Meer, walks you through the steps of how an animal can go from shelter to silver screen! —————————————————- “We find a lot of our animals at a shelter or rescue,” Andrea says

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