New Beginnings in China’s Feature Film: Adoring

New Beginnings in China’s Feature Film: Adoring
September 1, 2019 sdcpm

As an international company, Animals for Hollywood is excited to continue extending our foreign projects into China. With 2019 starting off strong, working on the feature film “Adoring” proved to be both a welcome challenge and endearing project.   

Produced by Xu Wei, Yang Zi’s film “Adoring” was officially launched on April 18th and was scheduled to release during this year’s Lunar New Year. It is worth mentioning that “Adoring” has Zheng Xu once again as a producer, partnering with young director, Larry Yang. Last year, Zheng Xu was the producer, and the works of “The Time and Space Cohabitation” produced by Zhenle Road, “I am not a drug god” and other works, not only harvested a good reputation, the box office results are also very bright. This also gives everyone hope for the cooperation between Zheng Xu and Larry Yang.

On the day of the launch, the film exposed a hand-drawn version of the concept poster. As a romantic comedy, the poster shows the sweet temperament of the movie. In the colorful picture, main characters stand on the back of the pets. The poster seems to indicate that pets will become the gods of their emotional development, creating a creative, romantic atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that this movie invited the Animals For Hollywood, and the international superstar from “Captain Marvel” to join the distinctive animal team and make their Chinese film debut. Although the leading actor lineup has not been announced, the professional pets prove to be endearing.

Zheng Xu has always cooperated with many young directors and brought many excellent films to life. Especially last year, “the behind-the-scenes players” “Time and Space cohabitation” “I am not a drug god” are just three different movies, have achieved a good revenue at the box office. With Zheng Xu as a producer, it’s almost a guarantee of a quality film. This time, Zheng Xu once again cooperated with the young director, Larry Yang, to create a romantic comedy, which added a special element.

In addition, although as a young director, Larry Yang’s work is very impressive. The director’s love movie “Shu Shan” is not only selected for the closing ceremony of the Busan International Film Festival, but also shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the Montreal Film of Canada, as well as dozens of other international film festivals at home and abroad. This time, he will tell a story about what kind of love, let everyone wait and see.

Although the film’s stars are still covered with a mysterious veil, the pet actors are already quite interesting. It is reported that production invited the most senior animal team in Hollywood. Not only do the trainers have more than 30 years of experience, but the company also participated in the films “Captain Marvel”, “Batman: The Dark Knight”, “Dog Days” and other well-known Hollywood hits. With such prestigious animal actors, the film stars are even more promising. There are many “old bones” animals that have been acting for many years, new animals to the screen, and a surprise superstar – The Captain Marvel Cat. It is expected that the animals’ interaction with the actors will create an emotional reaction.








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