Captain Marvel Interview

Captain Marvel Interview
July 18, 2019 sdcpm

Ever wonder what goes into creating the animal actors on screen? Check out this People Magazine article on the training of Goose, the Captain Marvel Cat and Flerken. Head Trainer Ursula Brauner talks about what it was like to work the Orange Tabbies: Reggie, Rizzo, and Archie.

Prepare to have a new kitty crush.

Goose the cat is the secret star of Captain Marvel. Even though this feline shares the screen with Hollywood heavyweights like Brie LarsonJude Law, and Samuel L. Jackson, Goose still manages to steal scenes from the talented cast.

Chances are you will be (or already are) obsessed with the ginger tabby after seeing Captain Marvel. In preparation for you infatuation, PEOPLE talked to Goose’s trainer for the Marvel Studios film, Ursula Brauner, all about the fame-loving feline whose real name is Reggie.

Brauner is a head trainer and co-owner at Boone’s Animals for Hollywood — an animal training facility that trains and handles animals used in movies, TV shows and commercials. She knew from an early age that she wanted to work with animals and followed her to dream to the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College in Moorpark, California.

“Shortly after college, I was hired as an intern and animal caretaker at Boone’s Animals for Hollywood. Over thirty years later, I am now the co-owner of the extended company and continue to live out my dream job!” the trainer told PEOPLE.

This dream job recently brought Brauner to the set of Captain Marvel, a film that needed a talented orange tabby to play the part of Goose.

Brauner knew that Animals for Hollywood’s feline actor Reggie was perfect for the part.

“Reggie is super chill. His favorite thing is rubbing on people’s legs and faces. He is one of the most easy-going cats I know!” Brauner said of her kitty co-worker.

While Reggie makes acting look easy in Captain Marvel, it’s not a skill that comes easily to all cats.

“It’s important to us that any animal we train enjoys learning and will be comfortable working on a movie set environment. Most of what we do is developing a strong bond and trust with an animal and gradually get them used to working on the sets and comfortable in the commotion of film making,” the trainer said. “We want the animals to enjoy working and not every animal has the personality for it. Just like people we have extroverts and introverts.”

Animals for Hollywood found the obviously-extroverted Reggie at a rescue when the feline was two years old. The facility adopted the cat, and has been training him ever since. Reggie knows his basic commands, but each project presents new exciting tricks for Reggie to learn and master — and this cat takes his work very seriously.

“Reggie absolutely knows when he is on the job. He also knows when we nailed a shot! Sometimes. if he doesn’t hit his mark the first time. he goes back to ‘one’ on his own to try it again. Sometimes he gets distracted en-route but realizes it and resets himself. He is just the best!” Brauner said, adding that Reggie always gets excited when it’s time to go to work, especially if he gets to do action shots.

When Reggie isn’t working and winning hearts on-screen, he splits his time between living at home with his trainers and hanging out at Animals for Hollywood’s ranch, where he socializes with the other cat actors.

If you are looking to send Goose/Reggie fanmail after falling in love with him in Captain Marvel, Brauner says he adores chicken. And for those looking to see even more of Reggie’s oeuvre, the feline has also appeared in and The Hateful Eight and Pup Star.

Brauner is keeping the cat’s future projects under wraps, but this cat seems destined for stardom.

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