Mark Harden

Animals For Hollywood Trainer Mark

In 1978, Mark left a sleepy lumber town in Northern California to embark upon a career he didn’t even know existed. Now, this career has taken him around the globe several times and brought him in contact with about every kind of animal imaginable. The combination of luck (getting the job) and skill (getting the job done) has enabled Mark to amass an impressive list of feature film credits.

Fate cast Mark into the role of “Jack of All Trade – Master of None”. “I wanted to specialize,” he says, “but I decided the ability to put a multitude of animals on film is itself a specialty.” Since embracing that notion, he proudly boasts the creation of many principal characters. They include the Golden Seal (The Golden Seal, 1983), Virgil – the chimp (Project X, 1987), Dodger – the capuchin monkey (Monkey Trouble,1994), Paulie – the parrot (Paulie, 1998), Snowbell – the cat (Stuart Little, 1999 & Stuart Little 2, 2002), Butch – the dog (Cats & Dogs, 2001), Ben – the Gambian rat (Willard, 2003), and Midnight – the Egyptian Mau (Catwoman, 2004).

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